Heating cables

Classic – resistant heating cables

These cables are heating conductors, winded with tinned copper braid, which serves as protection from electrical shock and also prevents radio frequency disturbances, which could be caused by heating conductor.

We separate 3 basic groups for various heating purposes:

for heating in environmentup to 40°Cup to 200°Cup to 220°C
can be used for– roof gutter heating
– floor heating
– pipe heating for frost potection
– pipe and vessel heating– pipe heating

Lengths for voltage 230V are from 2m to 180m, powers from 1 W/m to 25W/m.

All heating cables are combined with water resistant junctions to connection cables.

All heating cables can also be ordered for other voltages: 12V, 24V, … up to 400V.

Selection of heating cables with particulars about lengths, powers and operating temperatures can be found in our brochures.

Self limiting heating cables

Main advantage of self limiting heating cables regarding to classic heating cables is changing of heating power according to environment temperature. This is achieved with temperature sensitive substance, which in depending of temperature increases or reduces conductibility between two feeding conductors. Like classic heating cables, self limiting heating cables are also equipped with grounded copper braid on the entire length.

We separate 2 basic groups for various heating purposes:

purposefrost protectiontemperature maintenancetemperature maintenance
can be used onroof gutters, pipelineshot water pipespipelines up to 120°C

We offer:

  • desired lengths of self limiting heating cables on reels
  • individual lengths from 1 m, which are equipped with water-proof connection cables.

Self limiting heating cables are available for 230V.

More technical data is available in our brochures.

All types of heating cables are available from stock.