Roof gutter de-icing

Roof gutter de-icing

In winter time we can expect large quantity of snow. With thicker layer of snow on the roof surface, snow begins to melt even with the outside temperature bellow 0°C. Snow is quite good heat insulant and therefore snow melting is possible even on buildings with quite good heat insulation.

Snow melting is also caused by sun rays, which are getting stronger in the end of January and especially in February.

The result of this melting is water flowing in roof gutters and pipes which can freeze at low temperatures. Problems begin, deformations and public dangers appear in various shapes:

  • gutters fill with ice: icicles appear, roof starts to soak, weight of ice blocks can cause deformation of gutters
  • drowing pipes can be totally frozen, water cannot flow away, expanding of ice can blow up the pipe and the roof or facade starts to soak
  • icicles and ice blocks over traffic centers are a threat to passing-by people and cars

Preventive installation of heating cables in roof gutters and drains stops these dislikes and dangers.

For heating installations we can use the following equipment:

  • classic heating cables type GD
  • self limiting heating cables

For heating installation management and control there are various possibilities:

  • manual control with a switch
  • controlling box with a thermostat
  • electronic unit EM-S with sensors for heating when snow or ice is present


All our heating installations are grounded on the entire length and additionally protected against electrical shock with automatic circuit breaker for difference current 30 mA.