Melting on outside surfaces

Snow and ice melting on outside surfaces

Frozen and snowed surfaces delay and block traffic of vehicles and walkers. Result of this unexpected dislikes is slow traffic and danger of slipping or falling for walkers, which can often get injured.

Advantage of electrical ice and snow melting is immediate melting of snow when it is falling, and also preventing from icebound surface and glazed frost.

There is no need for delayed removing of snow and use of noxious chemical preparations.

Surfaces, which can be electrically heated, are:

  • driving ramps
  • yards
  • parking lots
  • bridges
  • outside stairs
  • terraces
  • sidewalks

Heating installations can be installed in various sorts of outside paving:

  • asphalt surfaces
  • concrete, stone and brick pavements
  • paved surfaces

For asphalt surface we use heating cables with higher temperature protection.

Floor heating installations can be controlled and managed by different devices, concerning purpose and needs:

  • manual control with a switch
  • controlling box with a thermostat
  • electronic unit EM-T with floor sensors for heating when snow or ice is present


All our heating installations are grounded on the entire length and additionally protected against electrical shock with automatic circuit breaker for difference current 30 mA.